Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center

Located in the heart of the capital aesthetic rehabilitation centre Aura Plus has cared for its patients’ physical and mental health for over 25 years. Furthermore procedures and treatments undertaken in our centre promote not only good health, but are reviving, revitalising and bring peace and positivity.


With the help of implementing unique procedures created by us and by using techniques that have been perfected during the centuries, you will change not only the shape of the body and reduce cellulite, but as a result you will get a healthy and sustainable weight loss and delayed ageing process. One of our top priorities at Aura Plus is also working on spinal treatment.


High quality and great value for the price and flexible discount system enables to adjust your budget to our exquisite and invigorating programmes.


Our trained professionals do what technology has not been able to do, however we use some of the high-tech approaches that are harmless and are genuinely good for health.


We take the responsibility for the results of your therapy and health care.


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