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Facial treatment programmes  at Aura Plus are equipped with modern, effective  and non-invasive approaches. We also want to be fair in how we charge you, hence priced to fit your budget.


Amongst the most popular facial programmes is a full treatment package which is even more convenient and beneficial. A comprehensive facial rejuvenation is assured, treatment that specifically targets and treats various skin issues.


By purchasing a package service for cosmetic treatments at Aura Plus you receive the best professional care for your skin at affordable prices and added bonuses. 



Each package is individually selected by the cosmetologist and involves one visit per week. Please see the list of available procedures for facial treatments:


-Peeling (Cleansing)

-Facial Massage (Classic, Kapido)


-Needless mesotherapy

-6 Ply - Facial Peels


You can select any of these 3 options:


5 % off with a 30 day package service (min of 4 procedures of cosmetology services)

10 % off with a 60 day package service (min of 8 procedures of cosmetology services)

15% off with a 90 day package service (min of 12 procedures of cosmetology services)


Major benefits of cosmetology package service at Aura Plus:


-Substantial discount rates

-Added Bonuses*


-After using up the 90 day package service customers are entitled to entering our membership programme. You will get 15 per cent off on any programme treatments, a gift from Aura Plus for your birthday, priority access to booking procedures and the right to participate in various prize draws.


*What you get as a bonus: Cosmetologist s consultation, eyebrow correction, express cleansing, depilation (1 area), hydrating and lifting mask, discount on pricy mesotherapy treatment (bio revitalisation, fillers).

  • Liliana Reys
      Thank you, if you are reading this you have made a wise move. Aura Plus has been great health and travel experience. at first I was not so sure about ‘leeches’ born in Latin America and li...  
  • Nathia Kalandarishvili (England)
      Whenever I return to Georgia, I miss three doors: one-to my parents home, the other-to my church, and the third- to AURA PLUS!!! ...