Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center
Majority of Aura Plus staff members have been recruited since 2006 and have been committed to provide highest quality treatment in aesthetic medicine. We are committed to provision of continues professional growth and development of all staff members. We are dedicated to providing great customer experience. Your words matter that is why we take into account and take time to listen to anything you have to say about our services. Aura Plus - Our friendly and welcoming staff will take good care of your health, beauty and well being. Welcome to our cosy family atmosphere
  • K.Matabeli
      Rusiko and her team hand carved me some years back...  
  • Алла Пименова
      Здравствуйте,уважаемая Русико!  Не перестаю восхищаться теплоте и искренности грузинских людей! Спасибо огромное за внимание! От проживания в Вашей стране у меня сохранились только прекрасные во...