Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center


 Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center "Aura Plus" holds a leading position in Georgian market for 30 years already.

This is a modern clinic with a comfortable environment, high quality of service and qualified professional staff. Specialists at "Aura Plus" will help you in solving health and aesthetic problems.

You, as a SOLO customer, have a unique opportunity to enjoy a special 50% discount on any first procedure paid by SOLO card; and, you will get a 15% discount on each subsequent procedure.

Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center offers the following procedures:

- Anti-cellulite "dry" massage;
- Four-hands synchronous filling massage;
- Four-hands "Sultan" massage with aroma oils;
- Four-Hands Hot Stone Massage;
- Underwater massage;
- Vacuum massage;
- Filling massage (coffee, chocolate, almond);
- Thai yoga - massage;
- Foot point massage ("Marutaka" - Japan);
- Foot Reflexology massage;
- Consultation by Dietologist (N. Gagua);
- Consultation by Rehabilitator (L. Avaliani);
- Four-hands face and foot massage;
- Solarium.

The offer is valid until February 28,2018

Address: I. Abashidze str. №28
Tel.: (0 32) 2 23 24 18
Cell: 557 16 79 43


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The offer is valid until February 28,2018